Summer Vacation

Summer time fun!!!
What are some good ideas for family fun this summer?
Tell us where you have gone and what you did so far.
Even if you enjoy fun at home, we want to hear about it.
Hope to hear from our MVE friends and family.


  1. San Diego, California has the most awesome weather! We actually had to wear sweaters and jackets in the mornings and evenings. If you are near the ocean, bay, or beaches it is rather chilly. I'm guessing that very few people there know what sweating is like, since they do not have the high humidity as Southeast Texas!

  2. Anonymous6/14/2008

    We are rounding up our softball season. In July we are going to the beach for a week. Jenna is excited. Hopefully, we will go to San Antonio this summer also to see the Alamo.

  3. We are going to the Alamo in July, too.


  4. Anonymous6/16/2008

    I have been going swimming and we are planning to go to a waterpark soon. We went to family camp and I got to ride in a paddle boat and a canoe. We had a water balloon fight at camp too. I went to see Kungfu Panda. It was funny! I hope I see you this summer Crusiers! Love, Jordan.

  5. AJ Pope6/18/2008

    AJ has been hanging out with buddies and anxiously awaiting the start of the football season. This kid has it BAD for football! We are planning a few small mini vacations throughout the summer, including San Antonio as well & probably going up to the lake a couple of times. AJ hopes all the of the Cruiser's are having a great summer!!!

  6. Tripp is at VBS right now. We are also getting ready for our trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. We are staying at a resort for week. He is very excited. Hope everyone is having a great summer. Talk to you soon!

  7. Jackson Baeza6/21/2008

    Jackson has been very busy this summer, he went camping and canoeing with the Cub Scouts. He went swimming in the Llano river & Moss Lake in Big Springs on his way to New Mexico to visit his grandparents. Once back home it was off to the beach for a week with his other grandmother,
    aunts,uncles,& cousins. Jackson hopes everyone is having as much fun as he is, & he misses you all.

  8. This summer...so far...for Jalee has been a lot of swimming! Which is perfectly okay with her!! Recital is over and it was wonderful...the best one yet! Jalee says "HI" to everyone!! We just signed her up for fall soccer...yahoo! (So she says) We have planned a few short trips for the summer. Talk to ya later...Jalee & Kristi Neff

  9. i planted a sunflower and it is blooming right now! love jalee

  10. AJ Pope7/07/2008

    That is so cool about your sunflower Jalee. AJ's Grana has a sunflower blooming too. Aren't they beautiful!

  11. Anonymous7/28/2008

    me my brother and my dad are going to the baseball game tomorrow and i might get my ears pearsed.im going to babysit my cousin for a week. i went to my cousins wedding and im going to go to my uncles wedding .bye cruisers!


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