Text to Speech

I have many teachers who come to me frustrated because they have students in class who require quizzes to be read aloud. I have a couple tools to recommend that I have tried. Do not forget about Gaggle and the "Say-It button". It allows you the ability to copy and paste text in the body of the email, and have it read aloud.

Select and Speak (this is only on Chrome – it is an add on; I tested it and you can select what you want to be read online) You can choose a male or female voice, control the speed, volume, and it detects different languages.

VozMe (this one works with anything that you can copy and paste. I tried a quiz that was a document, and it worked) This one allows the option to download the speech as an mp3 file.

If you would like the opportunity to test more out, here are more free Text to Speech Tools recommended for educators.


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