2nd Tool for my Challenge

I have taken the 10 Tool Challenge from Jane Hart's encouragement on her Learning in the Social Workplace blog and it has been helpful. I have already surpassed the number of blog posts I have made on Blogger in the past years.  I have chosen  for my 2nd Tool.  I have been working on improving my proficiency with it lately. I have been sorting my contacts into circles and using its features with Blogger. It is nice how each time I make a blog post, it allows me to choose which circle I'd like my post. I joined a few communities and am able to see when there is a post. You can set the notifications of course in the settings. This definitely is a new tool for me and I am learning new things as I explore. I have not started a hangout yet, but joined in one before I chose Google+ as my 2nd tool to explore. I will be looking for more features to explore.


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