QR Code Lesson in Math

Another one of our 5th grade teachers allowed students to experience learning with QR codes! Ms. Carrie Langley is a Math teacher and used the QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator on ClassroomTools.net. She said this tool made the process easy and was teacher friendly, saving valuable time upfront. She was able to provide her own Math word problems into the online form and it populated all the QR codes for her at once. She was then able to print them all, after enlarging them and post them around the school. Here's her explanation of the game:

"My class worked in pairs to hunt for QR codes I had posted around the school (10 questions). They started in my room with the instructions code to scan. Once they scanned the question, they solved the problem in Educreations and recorded their answer in Pages. They were able to save their answer sheet from Pages to their digital locker. Once back in the room, we even used MaxJournal to describe what we did in math today. It worked really well with my plus class".

Ms. Langley provided math word problems as a review for the year. A couple of example problems were:
  1. The sum of the total degrees in a triangle and the number of eggs in two dozen
  2. The number of students in our class minus the number of years you've been in school times the number of window in the cafeteria.


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