Kindergarten Readiness and the Gifted Child

Kindergarten, here we come!

I have two grand-daughters who will begin Kindergarten this August. Like many parents, you work hard to prepare your children to handle many things in life. This will be an exciting phase in their life! We are hoping that Kindergarten is ready for these young ladies. I ran across this article about Kindergarten Readiness and the Gifted Child. There are links given access their skills and also ones to prepare them for Kindergarten. Hope you enjoy this article too! Kindergarten Readiness and the Gifted Child    I also ran across this form that a Kindergarten teacher has her new parents fill out as she welcomes them for a new school year. This form says a lot about what she has in store for her students. Wow! She mentions blogging, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, wiki, and more. We have some awesome teachers out there! May we take from others and get inspired to try something new this year. 


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