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I am a visual learner! So is 65% of the population. I suppose that is why I have the passion for educational technology. It is super simple to satisfy my visual craving while learning through technology. Today, I came across this extra information on image searching that I had never thought about or knew. Many of you may already use this tool by typing in a keyword and viewing your results. This video shows how you can take a picture of an image around your workplace, yard, or anywhere and drag the image into the search bar in Google images. I never placed the actual image, I always just typed in the text. What's more, you can add text after you paste or drag in your image. I am always wondering what kind of trees are growing in my 1+ acres of land. Now, I will surely give this a test. See what you think as you see this video! You can check out more from Google on their post, 4 ways to search by images:

  1. Drag and Drop
  2. Upload an Image
  3. Copy/Paste the URL of an Image
  4. Right-click the image on the Web (need Chrome extension)

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