Vocabulary and Spelling Games

Word Central is great site for students who would like to increase their vocabulary and spelling skills. They have four games available. One is called Alpha-Bot which is the spelling game. It allows you to slide the letters up or down to spell the word that is called out. What I like about this one is that it has three different levels, always great for differentiating. Robo-Bee allows you to read sentences or definitions and then select the best word. You have to be up on your antonyms, synonyms, and thinking skills for this one. Bigbot is another vocabulary one where you feed the robot by matching the correct word in the sentence. It slings the words into the mouth. This last one is my favorite! Jumble for Kids is an online version of the Jumble that you normally find in newspapers. These are great fun, so be sure to make them available for your students!


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