Engaging Students with the Hunger Games (Part 2)

My email box had a surprise email today from Michelle Manno at Teach.com. She posted a comment on my Tech Talk blog and I have it set to email me so that I can respond to the comments if necessary. Her comment is below asking me to add the link for the resource page on my first blog post about Engaging Students with the Hunger Games (post 1).  Her request just makes me so happy in many ways. First, to know that others appreciate the time and effort that it takes to post on blogs makes me ecstatic. Secondly, that she actually wants me to put out a link to her resource for others to access is another great reason Internet and technology is awesome! I will gladly post the resource for Michelle and Teach.com any time. I do hope it will save many of you time from having to search on your own. We all know teachers have limited time! Have a great holiday time with family and friends.

Hunger Games Resource Page

Here is my sweet email/comment from Michelle!

Hi Peggy,
I hope this message finds you well! My name is Michelle Manno, and I'm the associate editor at Teach.com. I admire the work done on Tech Talk for Teachers, and your dedication to sharing quality resources with your community of readers.
I came across your article "Engaging Students with The Hunger Games" where you share Teach.com's "Sparking Their Interest" teaching guide.
I had a question: I noticed that there isn't a link to the teaching guide's website and original source — do you think it'd be possible to add that in case one of your readers is interesting in learning more after reading your article? Our Hunger Games resource page can be found here: http://teach.com/great-educational-resources/sparking-their-interest-engaging-students-with-the-hunger-games-catching-fire
Tech Talk for Teachers is such a great resource, and I'd love for your readers to be able to find out more information of they choose to.
Thank you so much for your time! Please let me know if you have any questions.
All the best,
Michelle Manno


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