My New Friend, Canva

I have a new tech tool friend in Canva. I played around with Canva a little during the winter holiday break, but revisited it recently with a purpose in mind. I wanted to change my header for this blog, since my image of the bluebird really did not have a thing to do with "technology". Not to say that I don't like bird-watching, but knew it that it was a temporary image when I posted it. Canva allows users that are not as creative in designing a easy way to feel inspired. I was able to use one of their designs, add an old image I already had, and tweak it a bit. I think you need to give it a look. It is free to sign up and it amazingly easy to use. I am now happy to say good-bye to my sweet, little bluebird header! Hope you like the changes!
  bye now!


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