Chrome Cheat Sheet and Extension Favs

What a find this morning while browsing my Google+ feed. This was posted by +Miquel Guhlin but I see that kbell6 from ShakeUpLearning.com  actually created this. Love the visuals on the anatomy of Chrome. Many die hard IE folks are determined NOT to give Chrome a try. In my opinion, THEY are missing out on some really awesome features that can save time, help struggling learners, tap in on your own learning style, and so much more. Some of my "can't live without" apps and/or extensions are:

  • Diigo capture, save,  annotate
  • Pinterest pin it button
  • Add This button (customize to your preference)
  • One Tab- save many tabs, name the session and have it ready to open for a presentation, or class
  • Clip to Evernote
  • Go to Feedly (my aggregator)
  • Goo shortener (provides a QR code also)
  • TLDR (too long, didn't read) summarizes long articles
  • Google Dictionary
  • Sound Gecko - text to speech or another one is: iSpeech


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