Southeast Texas will Experience Edcamp

Well if you have not heard of an EDCAMP, you have not been online lately. This is the new style of Professional Development that everyone is raving about. In fact, over 250 events have popped up worldwide! What is so hot about an Edcamp? Edutopia explains all the ins and outs of an Edcamp here by @kristenswanson. What is amazing, is that we are having our own event in my area on March 29th so anyone nearby, feel free to join the event. It is free! That is one of the requirements of an Edcamp to not charge for the event. (Educators have no $$ LOL) Below you can see the flyer on our Region V Edcamp that will be held in Warren, Texas. Hope to see you there. A little bird told me that some "Tech" gurus may be in attendance! @TechNinjaTodd, iPadSammy, mattBgomez. Hope to see you there!

Region V Edcamp Flyer
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