Customer Service in Technology

Wordle: Customer ServiceWe had our first team meeting this year and focused on customer service in our Technology Department. We broke into groups and brainstormed words that were related to customer service. See the word cloud from our word choices. Our customers are teachers students and it is important to our job to keep them happy. We are working this year in making sure we do our best to have the right attitude and serve with a smile. Check out some tips that will help us improve:

1. Remember that our JOBs are reliant on teachers and student
2. Be a good listener- effective listening and giving them your undivided attention is important
3. Identify and diagnose needs
4. Make your customers (teachers and students) feel important and appreciated
5. Take the time to explain the how and why on technology changes and projects
6. Always look for ways to help and follow through with your words
7. When things go wrong, don't be afraid  to apologize
8. Keep your customers (teachers and students) happy, even doing more than expected
9. Get feedback, taking constructive criticism, suggestions, and comments
10. Treat your customers (teachers and students) with respect


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