Fun Online Snow Activity

Well, it is cold outside and I wanted to share a fun online activity in support of Southeast Texas' coldest day this season. It is suppose to be down in the low 20's tomorrow. So friends, grab those devices, computers, and go to this site to create your OWN unique snowflake. It is called SnowDays-It's Aways Snowing Somewhere . Create your own and then you can share it, print it, and if you really are crazy about it, you can order items for a cost. I like that it has an UNDO feature, so you can get specific on how you want yours to look. If you hover over the snowflakes, you can see all the different places people are from who have created ones. There have been over 12 million made. Here is one I have made. I can't wait to see yours. Enjoy the cold weather.


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