Need to Motivate Your Students in Writing?

While working this morning, I ran across these awesome visuals for Story Starters that teachers can use in their ELA classes. What a super way to inspire writing by viewing a visual that pulls you in and gets your thoughts running. I would encourage you to post two of the visuals and allow them a choice for writing. Then the next setting, you could add another visual to the choices. I appreciate Teaching Packs for the free download offer (there are more to download after signing up for free newsletter), so that I am able to share this resource with you. Another reason I appreciate this resource is because it gives teachers power and inspiration to make some of your OWN visuals. Here's a writing prompt I created with a PhotoPin image and a second writing prompt created with 4Freephoto.I hope you will create your own. There are some great photo sites that allow FREE downloads of awesome photos (I listed a few of my favorites).
  1. Canva.com
  2. 4Freephotos
  3. PhotoPin
  4. Unsplash


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