Connecting Beyond the Classroom

This morning two classes from Little Cypress Elementary experienced a Skype event with author, Jena Ball, of the famous CritterKin books. She was kicking off her global launch of the Not Perfect Hat Club with classes all over the world (and we were included!) Also included in the event at the afternoon session was a 4th grade class from Little Cypress Intermediate. Kudos to our teachers: Mrs.Teresa Hargrave, Mrs. Vicky Holland, and Mrs. Kendra Girndt. All classes will participate in the "BlogIt" event where we all enjoy reading the book together, discussing and collaborating. The BlogIt event begins in November and runs through December as students read through the chapters. It was such a thrill to meet Jena Ball and Marty Keltz online and you can find them on Twitter: @JenaiaMorane and @martysnowpaw

You can learn more about Jena Ball, Marty Keltz and the awesome CritterKin books by following the links below:

Jena's Website

Marty's Website

CritterKin Website


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