Are You Teaching Texas History?

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Guess you know I have been on a "Blog Break" and now want to start back with some relevant posts. The other day, I was approached by a teacher who wanted MORE sites to help her in teaching Texas History. She said she thought the resources were limited, so I have been on a quest to find some engaging site. She already knew about the Virtual Reality Tour of the Alamo. So, I will begin with that one.

  1. The Alamo  - (the mission, the battle, the legend) This is a keeper because of the awesome, engaging experience for students who have not been able to visit live.
  2. Texas Beyond History -  For Kids Only site has fun & games, fantastic facts, adventures, etc. This requires Flash and is a great site for students to explore. There is an interactive Virtual Museum with Texas' Cultural History by clicking on different map locations.
  3. Texas State Government - where Texas kids meet Texas state government (Leveled by grades)

  4. Texas Senate Kids - follow Bluebonnet Betty and Lonestar Bob on 3 different adventures to learn about Texas State government.
  5. Portal to Texas History - a Gateway to rare, historical, and primary source materials from or about Texas.
  6. Teach Texas Archive (TAMI) Texas Archive of the Moving ImageResources by Topic and Grade; great place to obtain images
  7. Four Regions of Texas (Weebly Website) - very simple with good visuals
  8. Texas Colonies -  Focus on Texas History; This has lesson plans with pdfs/docs with lots of reading material, but good information and visuals.
  9. Texas Treasures (Texas State Library & Archives) - an online exhibit of historical artifacts and documents.
  10. Lone Star Junction - this is a favorite of mine! Great facts, images, songs and links.


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