Blogs in Education

I posted earlier that I would provide information on the benefits of blogs. I've located some great information and hope you can use some of them. Here is a simple explanation of Blogs in Plain English:

The best resource on Blogs in Education is from the Department of Education. What better place to get your information? Included is a Tech Learning article about Gaggle (which we currently have in our District).  It shares how students use Gaggle for their Personal Learning Network. They have access to Chat Rooms, Assignment Drop Boxes, Social Wall, blogs, Digital Lockers, and Discussion boards all in a filtered safe environment.

Benefits of Blogging:

  • Helps organize thoughts 
  • Encourages reflection 
  • Encourages research
  • Receive feedback from others
  • Globalization
  • Encourages individual expression
  • Opportunities for reading and writing
  • Great forum for collaborations
Blog Basics for the Classroom: by Teachers First has a great interactive website with facts about using a blog in class. I recommend going through this and following the step by step guide that is included on the website.

Types of Blogs:
  • Text blogs
  • Photo blogs
  • Moblogs (post from mobile device)
  • Vidblogs
Microblogging (Instant messaging)
Blog Platforms to consider:

Click on image below to view school bloggers from A to Z.


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