Summer Professional Development

Our LCM Community Relations Coordinator shared this image and I just had to post it because it does hold true for many of us in education, not just teachers. Thank God that we are given some time during the summer to re-energize and gain inspiration before returning back to school. Isn't this hilarious? The image was taken from Facebook according to Sherry Combs. Please don't hesitate to share ways you are gaining your vitality back after 10 months in the classroom. Let me share some ways for you to control your own PD (professional development) this summer.This list was taken from +Tim Holt  after I watched his video he created for his district. Thanks Tim for sharing ways we can gain summer knowledge! Here's the link to Tim's PD video called Digital Discoveries: Summer Professional Development. Hope you find some time to participate in a few of his suggestions.

List of Ideas to do for Personal Summer Professional Development:

I -  Subscribe and Listen to a Podcast examples to follow:
   BAM Radio, School --- Podcasts (bad name, but good topics)

1. TED Talks video/podcasts (most popular)

2. NPR Education Podcast (education podcasts)

3. Infinite Thinking Machine

4. edublog awards (blogs or podcasts) http://tinyurl.com/mx2ynwg

II - Read a Book about Education:

1. The Connected Teacher: Powering Up (free ebook) PLP Press

2. Connected from the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades
Kathy Cassidy PLP Press (teacher gets teacher digital)

3. TCEA - iPad in the ELEM. ELA (iTunes) ACSD,

4. TCEA - iPad in the SCI.

5. Why School? (Will Richardson) by TED

6. Too Big to Know (David Weinberger)

7. iTunes Books Store, and Amazon (look for free books)

III - Take an Online Course

1. TED - Creative Problem Solving  (iTunes U- free)

2. The Flipped Classroom (iTunes U - free course and book)

3. Just in Time Professional Learning (how to make the most of PD)
   (iTunes U from the Apples Distinquished educator)

4. Integrating iPads into the Classroom (M Ed Program - free)

iTunes U : http://www.apple.com/education/itunes-u/

Open Culture: http://www.openculture.com/freeonlinecourses
700 courses online and free!
MIT Courses online


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