Goodbye, Summer!

Well, I began work this week, and boy has it been busy! I now realize how much I enjoyed my summer stress free. Now I have to admit that my job is stressful, since I returned on Monday and have not been able to sleep. Monday night I slept with so much tension, that I awoke Tuesday morning with a sore neck and shoulder pain. It hurt enough, that I brought a heating pad to work to help relax the tight muscle. Hopefully things will look better and I will be able to adjust back to my work schedule. Summer was well spent. Hope you enjoy your last few weeks!
Let's list the 10 most stressful jobs in America:
  1. Working Parents
  2. Deployed Military Personnel
  3. Police Officer
  4. Teacher (that's us folks!)
  5. Medical Professional
  6. Emergency Personnel
  7. Those who Fly, and those who Help Them
  8. Newspaper Reporter
  9. Corporate Executive
  10. Miner

    Now, let me leave you with a few facts about reducing stress in the workplace. Won't hurt me to try out a few of them. You can read more details here on the 12 Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work. Note, I chose to leave a few of them off this list. 
  • Act rather than React
  • Take a deep breath
  • Eliminate Interruptions
  • Schedule your day for energy and focus
  • Eat right and sleep well
  • Prioritize your priorities
  • Be your own best critic


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