Why Your Students Should Be Blogging

it_back1_sWhy My Six-Year-Olds Blog (And Why Your Students Should, Too) -- THE Journal 

I love this article on blogging with younger students. It speaks volumes to the writing process as well as teaching students early on how to protect and consider their online presence. There are many options to use for blogging with students that is safe and teachers can monitor the posts and comments. One I recommend to teachers is KidBlog.org  You can set up your class for FREE in 20 seconds so they claim! There are more than 3 million K-12 students taking advantage of Kidblog. Why not start off with a class blog? You can use blogs for classroom discussions, to learn good digital citizenship, to practice writing skills, create an e-portfolio, to have students reflect on learning, and more! This is the year to try something new. Why not start with blogging.


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