Create Your Monster

Great site for kids! It allows them to create a monster by choosing their preference of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, feet, arms, color, etc. Another option this site has for them  is to listen for the correct description (sound, audio) and then select it. Great listening tool for younger students. So many options to do once they have created their monster. You can print is off and have a "Guess Who" contest from their writing samples. You can snip the image and use it in other tools or activities. The class can create a class Monster and use it in a Hangout or Skype session where the other class tries drawing it form its description. There are different projects along this line. I just saw a Global Monster Project this morning, but not sure if it is going to be extended to this year. The event is completed in the spring. This is a cute site to use during this season of Fall Festival ideas.


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