Smart Board or IWB Resources

I believe that resources for the Smart Board or other IWB can be used interactively on any tablet too. Today, I'd like to share this great resource that I located while taking a much needed day off from work. This great find may be proof that I need more days off LOL. This site was created by Karen Ogden from Columbia, South Carolina. The resource was created on Weebly and is one site I bet you will want to keep bookmarked and a click away. This is recommended for grades K-5. Hope you enjoy this and can use it to engage your students. You can click the picture or this link to get to the resource.  http://interactivesites.weebly.com/index.html        Since we are discussing Smart Board, I also found a search engine that is exclusively for searching Smart Notebook files on the web. It is another resource that Smart Board owners will find handy. It will filter all the other 'junk' and allow you to only see those lessons that can be shown on your Smart Board. This too will be handy to keep around. 


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