Time of Year to Evaluate

In education, this time of year is for reflecting. Thinking about your year as a teacher, friend, leader, etc. It is valuable so that you can grow and learn from failures, glean from your successes, file those true and tried activities that worked and just re-evaluate yourself as a person. I ran across this wonderful tweet that to me shares what most folks want in leaders. See what you think:

Let me go ahead and put in a plug for Twitter! It is not a place that I go to see what my friends are eating or what movie they are watching. I visit to collaborate with educators about important issues and gain numerous resources and support. That is possible when you have built and carefully selected your PLN on Twitter. It is something that many continue to refine and grow. I hope that you will consider giving Twitter another try! There are many resources available for beginners! Here is my favorite Twitter for Beginners by Amber Coggins which you can download at this site. I would be happy to step you through the process!


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