Have You Heard of Zaption?

What is Zaption? It is a tool that makes video come alive with engaging and interactive video lessons created by none other than YOU! (That is unless you only use the ones in the gallery). Don't take my word for it, Take a  Zaption Tour. They have a gallery to watch some of the created Zappy tours where you can take video, clip it to include what you need for a lesson, add in questions or reading prompts to get your students thinking. This tool is well done and so user friendly. It reminds me of the one called EdPuzzle.

If you don't check out Zaption you will be missing out on an incredible tool that is FREE for a basic plan! They allow a 30 day test drive of Zaption Pro (look for the Take a TestDrive button). Zaption even has Pro Campus for those districts who have $$ floating around LOL. They provide an extensive Help Center with Five tips on creating your own effective Zaption Tour. Here is aYouTube tutorial on how to create a tour:

As if the web version is not enough, they have the Zaption app also.

Here is a sample one that I found on the History of the Christmas Tree. Not because I thought is was the best one; but it is one that is relevant to the season.   http://zapt.io/tqr8u3wf

If ;you are sold on Zaption, please use the referral link below, for a chance to win an upgrade or even a Pro Campus one.

My referral link: http://zapt.io/ru72tq928


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