World Read Aloud Day is March 4th

Do you teach reading? How about language arts? This is a great world event (World Read Aloud Day) that supports reading aloud and sharing stories at home, in school, or wherever you may be with children. You can download a classroom kit, community kit, home or office kit with ideas and lessons activities in support of the event. You can even download a picture book (free) to share called, "New Day, New Friencs" which I did last week. The site is called Lit World where you can read for more information and gather your resources. Last year, over one MILLION people in 80 countries participated. A favorite opportunity that you may want to check out is hosted by Skype in the Classroom. They have authors willing and waiting to connect with classrooms to share their LOVE for Literature. I like it how teachers can hand pick the best author that fits into their curriculum and what they are teaching. Don't miss out on these great opportunities with your students. Exciting things to open those classroom walls! Be sure to register, so that they can track your participation.


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