A Copyright Story (Lesson)

This is an older post from 2010, but I think it is relevant in the quest to teach teenagers about copyright, fair use, piracy, ethical behavior, etc. What I like about this perspective is that it gives you the artist's point of view while he is collaborating with Brenna/Eleanor who was a teenager at the time. She was sharing or trading his sheet music with others without paying for it legally. It is rather lengthy, but I can see how you could use this to bring out rich discussions and dialogue about the topic. See what you think about Jason Robert Brown's, "Fighting with Teenagers: A Copyright Story" for yourself. Wouldn't it be great to use this in a debate class to critique. Can you see where you would have relented much earlier than Eleanor, or maybe said something else to change readers' opinions? From the number of comments you can see how it was a hot topic. It even switched gears to another site from George Ou's own beliefs found here on the "Digital Society" with more debating endeavors.


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