Need Writing Help for ELA?

Thanks to Jenny Sawyer, who created the resource called 60 Second Recap, we have a great place to go for writing assistance online. The site highlights her books and is geared for students ages 14 - 19. She shares hundreds of 60 second Book Reviews that surely will inspire readers to read more. I can see where a teacher could share several of these during class and then require students to create their OWN 60 second review. Mrs. Sawyer gets funds by having book purchased from her site after viewing the recap. What a small reward for this awesome learning resource! She has links to study guides on many classics that are popular. What is great that you don't want to miss are her recap videos on each classic book. She is so passionate about her material during these clips; you can really see how easy it is to learn from her. She has a section called the Essay Coach where she shares the process in 4 steps for writing an essay. There you can see her book titles and she shares the introductions to each of them for you to get a feel about the books. If you want a snippet of her teaching style, check out this lesson on creating a thesis statement in four steps. I watched it and wish I were back in school so I could redo my English assignments. Do not skip out on her resource page, where she has 60 second videos on Literary terms, and how to create your OWN recap video. Don't take my word for it, check out Jenny Sawyer's website!


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