Reading Strategies for Students

Not sure why I have been running across so many ELAR resources lately, but if you're one of those teachers, you are getting your students ready for the upcoming STARR exams. This site may help your students brush up on their reading skills. Ever heard of Into the Book by Wisconsin Media Lab? Even though it is based on Wisconsin standards, I know other states can benefit from their excellent resource. What I like about this site, it has three sections: Student website, Teacher website, and a Professional learning website, so there's something for everyone! Students are free to create a login if they wish, or they can bypass it. Students can work through the skills as they read and interact with the stories. At the end of an activity, there are songs connected to the skill and you can email your answers or print them. Here are the strategies that are covered on this site:

  1. Summarizing
  2. Visualizing
  3. Questioning
  4. Evaluating
  5. Prior Knowledge
  6. Synthesizing
  7. Making Connections
  8. Inferring
  9. Strategies All Together


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