Are You Addicted to Your Device?

I think this is a perfect time to share this, right before teachers and parents are gearing up for SPRING break! I ran across 4 videos from Common Sense Media that will make you take a step back and evaluate your technology use around students/children. Be honest in your evaluation of yourself. Do you see yourself in any of  these clips? Can you find moments where you are guilty of any examples? I you have an empty nest (no children home) you can easily relate it to your spouse. Well, don't sit there and beat yourself up, get a grip and make some much needed changes. I know it may be helpful to just say, "I AM A ADDICT" and need HELP! Find someone that that will make you accountable. Limit your technology use around your children or spouse. They need YOU! 100% you without any device. Can you manage?  Don't just watch one of these videos, watch all four!


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