Is Social Media OK for Primary Students?

This is an excellent read (by Beth Holland) for teachers  or parents who make comments such as these about using technology and/or social media: 
  • They are too young and spend too much time on the computer
  • They need to learn how to read and write first
  • They need to be able to communicate in person
  • They will be exposed to the trash on social media
  • I just don't think it is age appropriate
If you wonder about this, read about safe ways to instruct primary students in a controlled environment and still be able to get to all the other literacy skills that are required. I love how Mrs. Holland compared Digital Immigrants learning how to write a friendly letter or a thank you note in school to teaching Social Media. We were taught proper etiquette and were not expected to master them independently; but were guided through the process with the teacher.  I love the examples that were shared and it is hard to remember that the students were in First and Second grade! Yeah! Super job! for those teachers who create secure Twitter accounts for their classes and use KidBlog to teach their content of reading and writing while helping them learn to live in a technological society. Kudos to teachers here, there, and everywhere who step out of their comfort zone because they know it is best for students.

Article Here: Introducing Social Media to Elementary Students


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