All Hail to ABCya!

If you teach young students, you know how exciting it is to find a product that is both engaging and educational. ABCya! has been a favorite FREE website for our District in grades K-5. Recently they added ABCya! Story Maker and it is such a motivation for writing! Students can draw a picture and then below write their story to go along with their drawing. It allows you to clear the page if necessary and view the drawing and writing at once. That is super news for teachers who are pulling teeth to get young students to write. I appreciate how it automatically moves to the next line while the young students are concentrating on sounding out their words. You can add extra pages to your story (4 lines to a page) for older students. How about the the save and/or print feature? Just in case you don't already know about ABCya! PAINT , it is one of the best online paint programs that offers many tools with the ability to print or save! That is huge for teachers. Special thanks goes to the makers of ABCya! You are awesome!

Another thanks to LCM Teacher, Iva Switzer for sharing her Story Maker find with me yesterday.

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  1. You're so welcome. My kids love using it.


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