Lesson that Inspires: SOAR


Yesterday during my web surfing, I ran across this awesome award winning animated film by Alyce Tzue. If you are looking for an innovative lesson to inspire your students before or after spring break, you need to consider this. Mark Warner has given many ways to incorporate it cross curriculum. I love the suggestion for music teachers. It only has music and students can create the dialog or play-script for a ELA activity. Check out other ways to use this animation in English, History, Design technology, Science, and Art. The full video is found on Vimeo, but I viewed it on Teaching Ideas which is another great website. I love how they use a literature book as a spring board for teaching. It brings me back to my days teaching in first grade. Story time was always a favorite, especially when you knew you were going to use the story to create. If you are interested, you can find out more about the making of this award winning film by visiting SOAR.


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