Are You Ready for Back to School?

Welcome Back the the 2017-2018 School Year
Tech Talk blog has a guest contributor, Tania Jackson. She is one of our 4th grade teachers on the Mauriceville Elementary campus. I appreciate her allowing me to share her wonderful discoveries this summer that she promises will make your class run a bit smoother this year. Check out her tips below:

I have 3 quickies to share regarding the OneDrive app that I've discovered/been using!

  1. There's a free app for OneDrive! Once installed, you can view, send, and manipulate everything in your folders that are synced from your computer (your Cloud).  Makes for quick access!

2. Sometimes I need to move pics of my class that I've taken on my cell to my computer, and it's time-consuming because I usually end up emailing them to myself and it won't let you bulk too many!
Having the OneDrive app on your phone/tablet makes it easy!  You just select the picture, or pictures all at once, then "Send to" (the same button you'd use if sending the pic via text or email) and it gives your OneDrive as an option!  They're just added to your folders and accessible from any device!

3.  Sometimes I need to scan a document to put it on the SmartBoard or print or whatever!  First, open the app.  On the main screen OneDrive has a built in "Scanner" that turns any document you snap into a PDF and instantly adds it to your Cloud! I really like this function!
Click the + sign at the top right hand corner and choose "Scan" 

Thanks for taking the time to go through my tips! 

Tania Jackson
4th Grade/ MVE ☺


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