Blogger, my first tool

I committed to learning a new tool each month, so my first most important tool I have decided to improve on is my blog. I experimented with blogging while teaching years ago in my classroom. But, much has changed and I want to become more proficient with Blogger since I will be using it to post my 10 tools for my challenge this year. I am using a template, which I thought would be best to learn. Now, I am wanting to make some design changes such as increasing the width however, the template limits you. That is so frustrating! I will not let that get the best of me. I located a Blogger Getting Started Guide and plan to go through that step by step. I hope you will like some of my changes. If anyone can suggest a way to override this template to increase the width, please leave a comment. Thanks. I hope to post some good articles on blogging in the classroom for my next post.

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  1. I like Blogger
    quick and easy



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