New Year Goals (2013)

Wow, it's now 2013! Hope everyone has committed to some awesome goals for the New Year. I have several that I will accomplish this year. One is to be more consistent in posting to my blogs. In fact, this is my first attempt to take care of that resolution. I wanted to share a couple of my goals that I hope will bring me joy and improve my life. You know when you post your intentions on the web, it makes you more accountable, so here goes.

1. I was told about the "lpm" (Living Proof Ministries) blog from a teacher friend in Bridge City. This is the second year for the event for anyone who would like to jump on board and commit to memorizing 2 scriptures of your choice per month. You can read about the details and how you can register with your commitment on the LPM blog. Be sure to follow the instructions with your scripture's book, chapter, and verse.

2. Today, I read about an opportunity to improve my tech skills by committing to learn 10 new tools in 2013. It's called "Take the 10 Tools Challenge" from Jane Hart's blog called "Learning in the Social Workplace." Part of the requirement is to make a monthly post on a blog about your experiences with the new tool. (This will definitely help improve my blog posting commitment LOL) I hope to have other LCM teachers and staff join me in this challenge for 2013. I will post the tools on this blog and also add them on phale's 23 Tech Things blog too. Please visit these links to check on my progress.

3. I will not go into detail on my personal goals to eat healthy and exercise more. This, I'm sure is the most popular New Year's Resolutions every year and probably the one that is not fulfilled.


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