Learning More about Blogger

Wow, I managed to fit in some time today (Saturday) to preview the Getting Started guide with Blogger. What I discovered is that I already knew the basics and needed to by past that guide. There is a section that is called Blogger Help which was more where I was. I don't think that I am advanced at blogs, but do know a bit. I went through the more dynamic templates to see about changing mine for a more wider display, but after going through the entire choices of templates, I decided I preferred then one I had in the beginning, even though it is not as wide as I would like. I even played around with the HTML code to see if I could change the width, but I never managed to get it right. I was able to sort my layout and add a few other gadgets that was available. I want to try and put my Twitter feed on it, but the one available was not working. The one thing that my blog does not have is multiple pages. I am wondering what other page I would possibly need. Maybe I will view other blogs, to get some ideas. Now my next task will be to locate positive benefits from blogging. Until next post, see ya!


  1. Peegy, you might find Blogging Week useful - starts tomorrow (21 Jan) http://c4lpt.co.uk/top100tools/2013/01/blogging-week-21-25-january-2013/

    Jane Har

  2. I had been wondering about blogger. Thinking about switching my ED Tech blog away from edublogs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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