I Have an Interactive Whiteboard, Now What? - Atomic Learning

Congratulations to those teachers who have recently become new owners of a Smart Board for their classrooms. We have several places that we can recommend to get you started using your new technology tool. I posted Atomic Learning's link to their workshop that is a great place to begin. We also have teachers who have presented during our Professional Development days and have posted resources on our LCM technology wiki which I recommend you visiting. You have to have an account in wikispaces (free) to be able to join and view the materials. There are some exciting ideas there, but the best place for resources is within Smart Exchange with Smart Tech. They have a great amount of lesson plans and teacher made lessons for you to use immediately. You have to join (free) to be able to view and download the lessons. I find it valuable to join the Smart community to connect with teachers in your grade level and subject area. It is a forum where you can look for answers to problems with your lessons. Last, but not least is the ever so awesome NING that I have experienced and find helpful. It is called the Smart Revolution and is worth the visit. BTW, enjoy your new Smart Board!


  1. Do you know when we will be getting our boards? Also how do I sign up for the SMART after school special? You used to send the links but I haven't gotten one lately. Thanks for your help! Lastly- what are your thoughts on using Smart technology's new iPad app? Thanks for all of your help!

  2. The request to schedule our meeting has been posted and sent. The sooner we meet Summer, the sooner the Boards will be in place. Can't wait for you to use it, I know it will impact your teaching! I have seen the Smart Board app, but have not tested it yet. I think there's a $cost, so it's not one we have tried.


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