My new Tool: QR Voice

I've been playing with a new tool today! It is called QR Voice. So very easy to use and works in minutes. It allows you 100 characters, and you can post to Facebook or Twitter! It has a slider that allows you to size the QR code that will be scanned. Here are the steps for those who can't wait to use it:

How does it work?

  1. Enter a message up to 100 characters
  2. Optionally choose a language in which the message is written and will be reproduced
  3. Optionally resize the desired qr-code image to be generated using the slider
  4. Clickgeneratebutton, the one with a tiny qr-code in it
  5. The qr-code will be generated in the center of the screen
  6. You can scan it with your smartphone qr-code scanner app in order to hear the message
  7. Use the link above the qr-code image to save/share/embed/print the final qr-code image
  8. Use the social buttons to spread the word about your recent generated qr-voice. Browser URL location is also bookmarkable

    Here is one that I have made:


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