Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: How Can I Be a Better Teacher Next Fall? | Edutopia
Great advice from Edutopia. While making an effort to change, we have the tendency to drop back into our old ways because they are our security and it's more comfortable. We need to be strong inwardly to fight that urge and attempt the one that it more difficult. In the end, we usually are glad that we did.This is the time of year when teachers naturally begin to self-evaluate their year. We have high hopes of improving before we return in August. Let me challenge you to participate in some of Edutopia's tips. Allow your students to reflect on YOUR teaching honestly.  Don't forget to let them reflect on their own learning and discover ways that they can improve their own self-directed learning. Let them develop some summer goals to achieve before returning to school. Who knows how long it will be before they become bored at home!


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