1st 5 days

Ran across some great ideas and information on the First 5 Days of School! In fact, I read an article in November Learning (newsletter) from Alan November on the first 5 days of school that I would recommend. He explains that the first five days are an opportunity teachers have to set the tone for "powerful, engaging, self-directed learning". There are several Vimeo videos to watch with teachers explaining what they want to impart to students on the first week. They have a common thread, that building trust and relationships at the beginning is much more important than getting started on content. You can catch more videos on this topic by going to Alas Media on Vimeo. Better yet, they even have a Twitter hashtag to follow with the resources if you're interested: #1st5days. +Joy Kirr has created a LiveBinder with great resources on the First Five Days. This should get you started to a great school year. May it be the best one ever!


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