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This weeks free game is
"Substitution Spiral: One and Two Step Equation Game"

Solve and verify one and two step, first-degree equations of the form: x+a=b, ax=b, x-a=b where a, b, and c are integers.

Download this game here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Substitution-Spiral-One-and-Two-Step-Equation-Game-Algebra-Games-492597
lpforr59 said:
I am a big fan of file folder games, it takes kids to a different place in learning. This activity will help students through some of the struggles with todays Math and operations. Thanks!

Also as a bonus I have one of my apps free for a day.

4 Dice a Fractions Game
So if you havn't downloaded it yet please do today. Also if you have I'd love if you could leave a review of it on iTunes, thanks!
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