Monster Match Skype Event

Just concluded our Skype "Monster Match" event with two first grade classes who are 30 miles apart, different schools, yet same District.  Our main goal was to give the teachers experience with Skype before using Skype in the Classroom. Here is an explanation of our F-U-N event for you to try.

I served as the Facilitator and introduced myself as "Harvey Monster" with mask.
I introduced the classes to each other and on the first meeting, gave the classes their instructions to create their OWN class monster. They will name their monster and reveal the name next meeting. At the end of this meeting, I shared one of my 'monster friends' and listen to the reading of "Go Away Big, Green Monster!" by Ed Emberley which was on YouTube.
Objectives covered:  shapes, colors, how to follow directions, how to write directions, body parts, creativity, how to follow directions
Meeting #1  October 9 (1:15 pm) 
This was a short meeting to say hello. Each class created monsters with colored shapes. (No more than 10 shapes from colored construction paper) This was a class project and each class had to keep track of the steps it took to create their CLASS Monster. For instance, the size of construction paper (12X18 or 9X12) used for each body part; how you fold it (hamburger fold or hotdog fold) where to cut it, tape it, or glue it; where to draw eyes, etc. 

Meeting #2 October 16 (1:15 pm)
Now that the Class Monster(s) are complete and each class wrote out Step-by-Step instructions for the OTHER Class to follow, we had our 2nd meeting. Each class gave out their Monsters' names: we had a Rainbow Rosie and Freddie Monster. The teachers selected students to read out each step for the other class to hear how to make the monster.  It worked great on sentence strips to hold up as students read them aloud. (I had the teachers email the instructions to each other also) We gave out our good luck wishes on Making their Monster match and set the next meeting date. Classes had a week to create the matching monster. 
(Teachers selected students to read sentence strips with directions for making their Class Monster. The students shared the names of their Monsters and at this stage: Do NOT show your monster yet! During this meeting, I had students use foam dice in their classes and we followed the Dice Drawing Sheet that I shared on the screen to draw a monster. Classes took turns throwing the dice to get the certain feature to draw. I tweaked the drawing sheet idea to make it quick and easy for first graders. The students LOVED this activity!
Meeting #3 October 23 (1:15 pm)

This was the BIG SHOWing, where each class revealed their Class Monster and we compared them on the screen! I had the teachers email me an image of their Monsters, so that I could place it on the screen, next to the one they made. I snipped a picture so I could email them a picture of the two Monsters side-by-side of each other. We used the remainder of time to play an online Tic-Tac-Toe game and had students watch a video that showed them how to make a Monster corner bookmark. Here are our Matching Monsters! Didn't they do a great job?

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  1. Our kids are awesome. Way to go friends. Love the monsters.


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