New Wave of PD

First there was the great EdmodoCon2014, the online conference that was LIVE all day, then I see that Evernote will soon be putting their own Conference, but I am not sure it is free. Now I just ran across this Streamathon given by Discovery Education. This must be the new wave of PD for teachers by sharing your product in a convenient style. I was able to catch some of EdmodoCon2014 while I was working and it was exceptional. The only problem is that I needed to hear ALL of it instead of the bits and pieces caught in my busy day. The good news is that EdmodoCon2014 recorded the event, so you can go and catch the presentations in their entirety here. Here is the information that I have received about the upcoming Streamathon on October 25, 2014. I love the idea of making it a party with all your teacher friends and/or groups. Or if you rather enjoy the comforts of your home in your PJ's just watch it there. That's the beauty of this new wave of PD that is being offered by the BIG names in Education. 


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