Want to Win a Free Book from DOGO?

Join Dogo Books Summer Reading program, students! The program runs from May 18th - September 30th. Don't let your students miss out! For every 3 books read and book review written, you can earn a free book with a maximum of 20 books per entry! Signing up is free and easy. You will need to fill out and send a Parental Consent Form that is required to receive prizes. The mailing address is:

DOGO Media, Inc.
1 Blackfield Drive #169
Tiburon, CA 94920

Please note that you must SIGN IN after joining before writing a book review. Here is the step-by-step process on how summer reading works:

  1. Go to Summer Reading Page
  2. Sign up or sign in to your iDOGO Account
  3. Join Summer Reading
  4. Add the books you want to review from the Reading List
  5. You will see the books added to your profile in the right-hand margin 
  6. When ready to write a review click the Orange button that says Write a Review 
  7. Once you have reviewed three books, you will be able to select a prize 
  8.  Repeat!


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