QR Code Lesson for Students

Teachers at our District have been ending the year with exciting lessons for students with QR codes. This one is by Brenda Jones, a GT 3rd grade teacher at LCM. Here are her words explaining about her lesson:

"I created this to get the students excited about Charlotte’s Web.  We just completed the book and we usually fill in a worksheet about the characters (matching name to character description). I just threw those character descriptions into the QR codes and Yay; no more boring worksheet.  I also began my lesson with one big QR code on the whiteboard that they had to scan first to get directions.  They also had QR codes on their desk that revealed their names.  They practiced with the names first, then the directions.  When they felt comfortable with the scanner, we began our scavenger hunt.  They loved it"! 

I have included the QR Code Auto Generator template that she said she put the character descriptions into. Feel free to use it with your own content. (Make a copy before Edits) Brenda said she received the template from a workshop she attended and the owner (wish I knew her name) was willing to share. Brenda also took pictures of her students during the lesson and placed them on a Tackkboard so she could share the lesson with parents from Tackk.com.  Thanks Brenda for sharing your fun with us!  Click "Read more" to learn about Tackk.
More about Tackk
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Stay tuned for more QR Code lessons soon!


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