TCEA 2014

  I am a blessed woman! I am spending this week in Austin, Texas. I wish I could say the warm, sunny home of the Longhorns. But my friends, it is way too cold for me especially since I neglected to pack my jacket. Have it hung on the door, so I wouldn't forget it. Yes...somehow I forgot. Anyway, I will be posting the great information that we are learning on a shared Google document. Hope you enjoy all of the resources and can glean from the information. Folks this is the highlight of my year! Love TCEA. My teacher friend +Brenda Jones is here with me and we are learning so much. She has a blog of her own and has a fantastic post on AR (Augmented Realisty) called Valentine Card Instamotion. In fact, we stopped at Target on the way to Austin so that I could pick up my own box of those awesome valentines.


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