Sleet, Ice, & Snow = Time Off to Play

Enjoying some extra time off from work thanks to the ice, sleet, and snow. Well, not sure that it is actually snow, but many are managing to make super mini-snowmen. Here's a picture of a post my neighbors put on Facebook. Glad someone nearby is creating some memories in this cold weather. I actually did get to play around with a Chrome app that you can add called Loupe. It lets you make collages out of pictures. What I like is that you can use pictures from your computer, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, and Google + That just about covers everywhere I have stored pictures. You can choose to make them into different shapes or place them into a rectangle and add your own choice of background and borders. Here are two I made with my grandkids' pictures, and one with some of my Facebook pictures I had. Hope this inspires you to do one of your own.


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