Give Studyladder Another Look

Teachers, if you have not checked out Studyladder lately, now is a great time to give them another look. They have made some great changes and it is FREE (did I say free) for teachers. If you list your students before the end of September, they will receive EXTRA access, free to any of the tasks you set up. (Normally, there is 3 activities per day from home) What is Studyladder? It is a web based educational program designed by teachers like YOU. For grades PK - 7th or for those students needing some remediation. They cover content in Mathematics, Literacy, and more. What's great is that it can be used at school and at home. What I like about it is the interactive activities for the SMART boards. That is enough said, right? Simply go to www.studyladder.com and check out the resources for yourself. Hope you find it useful for your class!


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